Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Cleaner – Blackhead Vacuum Comedone Extractor Tool Device Comedo Suction Kit Electric Face Nose Blackhead Whitehead Remover with 4 Replaceable Suction Head and LED Screen

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Welcome to LONOVE Blackhead Remover Vacuum Page, we offer every customer 36 months warranty, also Product and skin problem consultation for lifetime. If you need us, we will be always here. ➤Do you have the trouble that the blackheads ruin your good look and make you look unsightly ? ➤Did you spend a lot of

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Welcome to LONOVE Blackhead Remover Vacuum Page, we offer every customer 36 months warranty, also Product and skin problem consultation for lifetime. If you need us, we will be always here.

➤Do you have the trouble that the blackheads ruin your good look and make you look unsightly ?
➤Did you spend a lot of time & money to find a way to remove blackheads but failed? 

I believe you have encountered the following blackhead removal problems with traditional blackhead removal tools:
①Blackhead Mask–Difficult to remove blackheads completely and harm your skin
②Metal Needle Tool Only–Causes inflammation,discharge and chronic scarring

➤➤While LONOVE Blackhead Pore Vacuum offers you a great solution, which is a physiotherapy, effective and healthy way for removing blackhead. DEEPLY CLEAN AND BRING BACK YOUR BEAUTY!

➤Our pore cleanser update with Vacuum Technology, 5 level suction help to deeply clean all the blackheads and staff on your nose and face.
➤Our blackhead extractor also clears acne and improves the radiance of the skin dramatically over a period of time.
➤➤It is suitable for all types of skin and improves the texture with regular use. If you have blackhead trouble, we recommend to use 2 times a week.


【Warm Tips for Better Cleaning Results】
1.Follow the instructions on the label carefully to avoid any sour experience because of the product formulation or usage. 
2.Please use an ice cube on the affected area after removing blackheads to gently seal the pores. This will ensure that the frequency of blackheads reduces.

What’s Included? 
Comedo Suction Device x 1
Pores x 4
Silica Gel Ring x 2
USB Charging Wire x 1
Instructions Manual x 1 
Blackhead Rmover Kit x1

Product Features

  • ➤【UPGRADED PROFESSTIONAL BALCKHEAD REMOVER】 – LONOVE 2nd generation blackhead vacuum upgraded with double vacuum technology, which has more powerful suction,can deeply clean your skin,take out the dirty from your face and effectively exfoliate dead skin and remove the oil. Especially treat stubborn blackhead and whitehead,smooth out wrinkles and firm the skin. 【And our blackhead vacuum will offer a blackhead remover kit for free, you will receive it a free tools with blackhead vacuum.】
  • ➤【SAFE,NONTOXIC AND EFFICIENT PORE VACUUM.】- LONOVE blackhead remover kit is passed FDA certificate and is made of reliable ABS material and uses an effective approach to solve the skin problems without any chemicals that are toxic and harmful. Our nose blackhead remover utilizes smart vacuum suction technology, which is a physical cleaning method,not only safe, but also effectively remove blackhead/whitehead/comedone with powerful suction.
  • ➤【MUTI-FUNCTIONAL BLACKHEAD REMOVER KIT】- LONOVE blackhead extractor is designed with 5 SUCTION LEVEL for a variety of skin types(sensitive/dry/neutral/mixed/oily skin). 4 REPLACEABLE SUCTION HEADS for different skin conditions: Cleans up blackhead, removes dirt grease, reduces dead skin and fine lines,massage and tighten the skin. SOLVED ALL YOUR FACIAL SKIN PROBLEMS.
  • ➤【RECHARGEABLE AND PORTABLE FACIAL SKIN TREATMENT DEVICE】- LONOVE blackhead removal tool is a perfect portable size with USB charge,provide 3.5 hours super long standby time, so that you can take it to anywhere you want.Also sweetly design with LCD DISPLAY,you can check the suction level,battery power and using time.Practical and beautiful,absolutely a perfect gift.
  • ➤【YOUR PERSONAL CLEANING CARE SPECIALIST】- LONOVE blackhead remover vacuum is design for daily facial treatment,which can restore skin elasticity,decompose melanin,and make skin rejuvenation.We also provide the blackhead remover kit as the free gift, that means you can get a complete blackhead remover tool from us. Meanwhile,plus 3-year warranty and 30 days money back,TOTALLY NO RISK TO GET ONE AND THE BEST GIFT FOR EVERY BEAUTY SEEKERS!


Anonymous says:

It really works!!! 9/18 -I’m not going to lie, when I first saw this on Amazon I was skeptical but I went ahead and bought it thinking I was just going to try it out. I honestly even had the intent to return it. I received it yesterday…I was super excited to try it out & MAN was I surprised! This thing is insane! Super powerful and definitely works! I am giving it a 5/5.9/19- So I went a little crazy my first day. I had like bruises on my face after I used it yesterday. When I woke up this morning luckily they were mostly gone. I showered and after getting dressed I looked in the mirror and definitely noticed a change in my face. i checked again during the day and noticed a glow to my skin. I really think this thing is amazing and worth trying.

Anonymous says:

the results is amazing! I bought this blackhead remover for my T-zone Had tried it on my face for about 2 weeks since I got it,the results is amazing!I bought this blackhead remover for my T-zone, because I have blackheads on my nose a lot. It really works and I love it!!! I used my the facial steamer for about 5 minutes before blackhead remover. It removed so much gunk! Has great suction, it gets the tiny blackheads in a pinch!And you can see the oily bits come out stick to the machine heads, but not pain or any discomfort.This vacuum was aslo packaged nicely n comes with 6 adjustable suctions. Easily chargeable and the suction power can be adjust.So worth the money! Best thing I have ever brought. I have used this on my mum, sisters and myself , you can see a difference on how much cleaner your face is.100% recommend this to anyone that wants to get rid of blackheads!For best results, be sure to move the vacuum when working around the contours of the nose, cheeks and chin to find the best…

Anonymous says:

Im liking this product more and more over time. When I first bought this it arrived in the mail pretty fast even so the primary reason I got it was for blackheads on my nose. I also suffer from sinusitis. It is quite simple to use and you get used to it after the 2nd or 3rd time of use. I believe the instruction say to wash face first but to dry everything, the reason being is because the product is not suppose to get wet. But for me it seems to work better when my nose is oily and not washed because I think the oil allows the product to glide more easily on the skin. So far at setting 2 strength it works really well. I have also tried this on my chin but for me the primary reason was my nose. I also had sinusitis. Now I cannot claim this helps with it because this is purely coincidental and anecdotal but I think by clearing my pores then washing my face really well the pressure behind my face is now almost gone. But this could be a coincident just wanted to mention. Thanks.

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